Quick Analysis: Romantic vs. Platonic Interaction


Was just working on a scene where two non-related characters with a brother/sister dynamic are talking. The female is lying in bed with the bedroom door on one side and the male character on the other. They’re exchanging banter and it ends with her telling him to get out so she can go to sleep.

Since they’re “siblings” I wrote him doing something my actual sibling has done to me: climb right over the bed to get to the door. It’s a goofy, harmless act that shows how comfortable they are with each other, and also that he’s trying to annoy her.

This is how the scene basically turned out:

He clambers over the bed, jostling her. She squeals with laughter and smacks him yelling, “No, stop it!” 

Nah. Nah, that’s not how you react to your stupid sibling being a jerk. That’s how you react to your stupid crush being flirty. I wanted 0% flirting between these two. So, I deferred to how I reacted when my sibling did the same thing to me:

He clambers over the bed, jostling her. She raises one hand and limply gestures “why?” with a blank expression before telling him to turn off the light on his way out.


I’m sure every set of siblings is different, but the rewrite sounded more natural to me given that these aren’t true siblings and I don’t want them mistaken for love interests.

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