But I can’t like, be a real writer, I suck at grammar.

I’ve heard that way too many times. Yes, grammar is definetely an important part of writing (especially in a finished product), but that’s all it is, one part. As an early writer, please do not let it discourage you. Here’s why.

Impeccable grammar has almost nothing do with with good writing.

There are a million other things that are important for clear communication of language. Voice, clarity, concision, creativity, accuracy. Those things all develop over time. Nobody reads for grammar, people read for story.

This is not to say that grammar doesn’t matter, or will never matter. Grammar is important, and it eventually can determine the proffessionalism of your work. But it is NOT a prerequisite to starting writing as a craft!Grammar develops, and it will improve the more you read, and the more you write.

TLDR: Start with ideas, stories that you’re passionate about. Worry about split inifinitives and semicolons later.

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