Stop trying to make your first sentence perfect! How many first sentences do you remember, honestly? I can count them with one hand. You could cut off almost all the fingers on that hand and I’d still be able to count how many fingers I have.

You don’t get much out of a first sentence. The reader won’t put your book down if you don’t have a eye catching first sentence. I mean, would you? When do you stop reading a book if you don’t like it? The point is, you have a good few pages to make things interesting. Your first sentence might be an attention grabber, but it doesn’t hold the value of the rest of your story.

I only remember 1 first sentence. “The sky was the color of cat vomit.” (Or something along the lines of that.) Very interesting. Maybe it’s stormy weather? No. The next sentence, the very next fucking sentence, goes, “If the cat ate shrimp all its life.” No. Don’t do this. That is what we call clickbait. 

Instead of worrying about the first sentence, just worry about the scene. The chapter. Focusing on only the chapter has its pitfalls too, but it’s better than being stuck on a sentence. There’s only so much you can offer between a capital letter and a period. There’s so much more you can fit in a page, a scene, a chapter. 

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