My MC (for a fanfiction but the character is an OC) is mixed race (African and white with a little bit more white) and I was wondering what hair styles I could have her have and how possible they would be for her to do on her own. The story is set in a kind of medieval period and she is living mostly on her own. Thank you so much!


Mixed (Black/White) Hairstyles in Medieval setting

There’s no one way to look when you are mixed race, so I can’t really tell you how their hair would look. Tips would be to look at natural hair posts and pics to get an idea. As of styles, think of braids, wearing it loose, or maybe tied up under a bonnet of scarf (since those were pretty popular back then, I think?).

~ Mod Alice

Our Recommendations page has different sources of inclusive history. 

Black History Album is one of them and includes images of Black people across several time periods. Also, i’d assume her hair would coincide with styles appropriate with that time period and region, even if that requires more manipulation to get the style in place such as straightening, curling, etc. 


As with any hairstyle, the more complicated or time-consuming it is, the more she might require assistance.

But as Alice said, even being more white than Black, being mixed doesn’t say much, as her hair could be everything from really curly to bone straight, on the lighter side or dark. That’s up to you to determine.

More reading: 

~Mod Colette

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