Of course, the real way to tell whether you’re in a Hard SF novel is if people keep providing you with unsolicited explanations of basic physics and everyday technology which you should, by rights, already know.

So every single woman is in a Hard SF novel is what you’re telling me

…You know, it’s occurred to me that this would actually be a very good way to do exposition in hard SF novels without needing anyone to break character.

#‘but of course teleportation technology based on quantum displacement is common now–’#‘I KNOW’#’–ever since they replaced the old SK-400s with the newly-discovered Mega Dilithium cores–“#‘I FUCKING KNOW THIS ALREADY MARK’

oh my god, sexist dudes aren’t mansplaining, they’re providing helpful exposition to your audience

I am so putting a scene like that in my wip. Especially with Danae in the middle.

“So did you know dragon fire is a produce of a liquid they secrete and outside air?”

Yes I know and you mean oxygen.

“Oh, did you know the rings in the sky were formed when the third moon exploded?”

I researched our satellites for years.

“In Vanelia, people believed the first men came out of a spring called the Crystal Waters -or Majho Eranaz in Obekhan-“

You are literally quoting a book I wrote right now.

“Wizards and witches believe the jewels you’re wearing have magical properties for peace and quiet.”

No. Way.

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