Prompt List: Fantasy/Sci-Fi (1)


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Magical Creatures (Part II)

Prompt #248:

needs a guardian angel when you can have a half-decent demon?

Prompt #285:

“Most of the time being a werewolf sucks. But in 2020 there will be a full moon on Halloween and I’m going to win all the costume contests!”

Prompt #293:

“Did it hurt when
you fell from heaven?”

“It ripped out my
wings, so yes, it did hurt.”

Prompt #300:

always say ’the devil made me do it’. But this wasn’t him.

Prompt #314:

When people think
about angels, they think about golden locks, white wings and fluffy clouds
under their innocent white dresses.

But even though there
are angels with blond hair and white wings they definitely have better things
to do than sitting on a cloud and playing the harp all day.

Prompt #345:

“So this doesn’t bother you?”

“Honestly the wings are kinda disconcerting.“

{Submitted by: hamilfact}

Prompt #356:

A little while ago the sirens would have scared her but now all she could feel was relief.

(Part I)

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