Prompt List: Fantasy/Sci-Fi (6)


Masterpost by creativepromptsforwriting


Prompt #4:

There was a cat
sitting in my kitchen. I don’t know where it came from because no one of my
neighbors ownes a cat. She just sat there on my kitchen table and stared into
my eyes.

Prompt #28: Write About (8):

Write about someone
receiving shocking news from a palm reader.

Prompt #41:

“We live in a
godless world.”

“Is that good or bad?”

Prompt #96:

There is a garden
gnome in my front yard that wasn’t there last night.

Prompt #110:

did everyone decide to believe in the concept of souls?

Prompt #141:

told us not to go in there. But who’s listening to adults anyway?

Prompt #159:

The portrait of Van
Gogh stared at me wherever I sat down in the room.

Prompt #225:

orphanage was set in an old colonial house. Some children would say that it was
haunted. But everyone knows that children have a wanton imagination.

Prompt #294:

“God didn’t make us in his image, we made Him in ours.”

“Then who made you?”

At that, a chill went down his spine.

{Submitted by: alchemistwriter}

Prompt #387:

Right on time a knock came from the door.

Prompt #388:

The world ended on a tuesday, the unlikeliest day to host an apocalypse.

Prompt #411:

“You can’t start stories with: When I died.”

Prompt #414:

“So, now you have a tattoo that wasn’t there yesterday?”


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