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Magical Creatures (+ Robot) (Part I)

Prompt #11

Demon smirked. Soon he would have both, the other’s body and soul.

Prompt #14:

“Hey, you hurt
its feelings.”

“It’s a robot. I
don’t think it even has feelings.”

Prompt #58: Quotes (7):

I’m a
sin eater. I absorb the misdeeds of others, darkening my soul to keep theirs
pure. That is what I’m capable of.

Prompt #60:

“Speak of the

“My name’s
Lucifer, asshole.”

Prompt #124:


“Okay?! I tell
you I’m a vampire and you say ‘okay’?!”

“As long as you
don’t start sparkling when we hang out, I don’t see the problem.”

Prompt #131:

demons away seems to be so much more fun on TV.

Prompt #191:

“Do you have the hair?”

“No, because seriously where do you get the hair
of a mythical creature?”

Prompt #229: Quotes (32):

“You’re an

 "Am I? What’s an
angel without its wings?“

Prompt #264:

It wasn’t the vases and the glasses that got knocked over everyday that annoyed him the most about his new roommate. It was in the morning when he woke up with a too warm body next to him and a mouth full of feathers that he thought he definitely didn’t sign up for this when he became a demon.

Prompt #284:

“What can I say?
Opposites attract.”

“That is really
not a good excuse for sleeping with a bloody angel!”

(Part II)

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