Worldbuilding Development Prompt: Military

homesteadhorner: How has the world’s militant forces impacted global history? Do armies exist within this world? If so, do they more resemble town-wide militias, tribal warriors or massive groups of armed soldiers throughout a nation? Certain nations can specialize in… Read moreWorldbuilding Development Prompt: Military

the-evanescent-inkwell: Some Fun World Building Tips! Disclaimer: Your plot/story comes first. Don’t add a bunch of flaunty details for the sake of ‘World Building’ if it doesn’t add to your story or takes it off course, It’s not worth it. These… Read more

how to make a story file

yourlocalwriterblog: As I am preparing for Camp NaNo*, I have been working on my story file. It occurred to me this might not be common or popular practice. “Story File” is a name I gave it and maybe some of y’all… Read morehow to make a story file