Character Development Prompt: Forgetfulness and Memory


How well does the character’s memory function?

On a daily basis, how often would they forget something? Would these primarily be minor things, such as bringing sunglasses outside or refilling their drink before departing, or would this forgetfulness extend to major things, such as the date of their child’s birthday or needing to submit a project before its due date? Is there a difference between the character’s short-term and long-term memory? Is there a reason for this differentiation (or lack of it), and if so, why?

How has the character’s memory impacted the character’s life, both positively and negatively? For example, a strong, long-term memory could either allow a character to reflect with pride on what has made them so strong today or trap them in an inescapable web of grief over what they have lost.

How would others describe this character’s memory? Would they be labeled as forgetful, even if the character in question denies it? Has this affected the character’s relationship with others in a drastic form?

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