concept playlists


adrenaline rush: falling endlessly in a spiral of neons, dancing under erratic lights, drinking adrenaline
calm water: calm and nighttime thinking to yourself and some sort of romantic beauty in the heart
cool cat: sunglasses and high socks sauntering with the beat in your body that’s got you moving and dancing
dance vibe: songs to make your shoulders bounce and wander around with crazy movements
dark mullings: sitting under the skeletons in your closet and staring outside at the full moon
death and dread: in the dark surrounded by death and dread, fear falls icy from the sky this playlist induces a sort of anxiety
ethereal: it doesn’t matter if you’re happy or sad; you’re in the clouds, and that’s all that matters
heartbroken: heartbreak and feelings from the sky, nothing is as it used to be, you crave some sort of smile that doesn’t exist, not anymore anyway
jazz corner: music that sound like elevator music, jazz, or anything that makes you kind of sway
liquid sadness: laying on your back with depression as a drug and it’s making you hallucinate something rainy
night club: seductive movements dancing with the sexy confidence of lust and beauty
nostalgia and tears: heart beating too fast but it’s drowning in numb nostalgia and tired pain
rainy day: sitting on cement steps in the rain and everything is reflected black and blue and it’s cold and wet
sad moon: sitting by the window looking at the city lights and it’s simply euphoria
serene study: playlist with MINIMAL/NO WORDS–study with music that sets the late-night mood. concept playlist for studying at night with candles and serenity.
sunny road: songs that bring about bubbles and warmth ! music from all over the world smiling, can’t stop moving, walking down the sidewalk covered in sunshine and pleasant feelings
sunny study: playlist of WORDLESS songs–study with a burst of energy and positivity ! the sky is clear and blue, the sun is streaming down, smiles are on faces, watermelons and lemonade, the wind is warm and delicate, the lavendar has bloomed, work is being finished, hydration and summer excitement
water level: you’re lost in a sea of bubbles and everything around you is electric current
90′s summer: some sort of sunny 90’s vibe that makes me feel like i’m in movie walking through a mom+pop town

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