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Superheros (and Villains)

Prompt #42: Write about (12):

about someone getting a new superpower. What will it be? How will they use it?

Prompt #51: Quotes (6):

“In the
fairytales I’ve read, the hero enters the cave to slay the dragon. Not to join

Prompt #81:

“I was never
meant to be a hero.”

While she watched her
go, she thought that some people have different definitions of a hero.

Prompt #92:

“Mom! I’m an
internationally feared super villain!”

“Sure, of course
you are, sweetie.”

Prompt #102: Pick your characters (3):

your characters and let them get superpowers.

Who can fly, who’s invisible and
who’s super strong? Choose their superpowers and then answer the even more
important question: What are they doing with them?

Prompt #107: Quotes (14):

was never the hero that you wanted me to be.

Prompt #145:

“Wow, that’s
literally the most useless superpower ever.”

“I’ll show you

Prompt #273: Write about (53):

Write about an all-star athlete with telekinesis whom everyone thinks is on steroids because of his amazing sports abilities yet continues to baffle everyone when the test results keep coming back clean.

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Prompt #437:

Sometimes heros come with flowy capes, medals on their chests and their own action figures.

Sometimes heros come with home-made masks, a life in the shadows and a warrant out for their arrest.

But in the end, every life that was saved counts.

Prompt #448:

They were always destined to be the sidekick.

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