A Few Tips All Writers Should Remember:


·Write to your
comfort level
. Meaning: give yourself a break when you need it and push
yourself when you’re feeling motivated.

·Seek out
sources of motivation
. There are very few times when motivation hits me out
of nowhere. Read a good book. Watch a good movie. Write down your goals.

·Find your
. Coffee shop. Library. Your room with the music blasting and the TV
playing your favorite show. Find whatever gets you in the right headspace.

first draft is just the first draft
. Too many writers stress out about the
first draft and they forget it’s just the first step in completing your novel.
You can add to it, build from it, or toss it away completely.

·You will
be rejected
. Even if you write the next big hit, you’ll be rejected. Read
the reviews for some of your favorite books—I guarantee someone HATED it. Not
everyone will like your work, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad.

advice isn’t for everyone
. There’s no one-size-fits-all plan for writers.
Pick and choose advice that works for you, ignore what doesn’t. Not everything
will relate directly to you and your style of writing.

·It’s okay
to stay in
. Want a night to yourself so you can write? Don’t be afraid to
cancel your plans and focus on your writing hobby. You don’t have to feel
guilty about wanting to work on your writing.

·Let ideas
. It’s tempting to jump right in to a new writing idea, but let
things settle for a bit. Brainstorm. See what comes next. An idea needs to have
legs and it needs to take your story somewhere. Let it grow.

aren’t set in stone
. Be flexible with your outlines. Plan if you need to,
but allow yourself to explore new ideas. Let your story go in an unexpected

-Kris Noel

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