cutpriceguignol: Hey writers just because your work in progress isn’t turning out the way you thought it would in your head doesn’t mean you should give up on it!!!

D&D Encounter

porchswingstories: The forest trail is enfolded in a thick pervasive mist that muffles the adventurer’s footsteps. They approach a small clearing in the trees where a dozen or so lifeless bodies lie scattered beside their wagons. A single figure stands… Read moreD&D Encounter

wind-guide-us: Tip for developing your characters YES, it’s good to ask yourself as many questions about your character as possible and getting really deep into detail BUT remember to take a step back once in a while and try to… Read more

thegodlessvoid: if you use the word ‘orbs’ to describe someones eyes i will physically manifest in your bedroom and roundhouse kick you into next week

Writing Advice needed

cassandra-yannu-writes: How can I make my writing style/tone creepy/dark in an aesthetically pleasing way? I want to write like it’s a slow horror story directed by Ari Aster and I am failing miserably 🙂  (it would also help if you… Read moreWriting Advice needed

moobaggg: Just a list of songs that could help inspire fics/writing Black Gives Way to Blue – Alice in Chains Dosed – Red Hot Chili Peppers Wet Sand – Red Hot Chili Peppers Don’t Forget Me – Red Hot Chili… Read more

inspiring-prompts: “Blargh.” “Identify yourself.” “Rargh!” “Please identify yourself.” “Dude, stop doing that. The poor thing’s brains are dripping onto the floor, I don’t think it can ‘identify itself.’


writing-ideas-inc: Her eyes were the colour of the sky, her skin like the moon, and hair as beautiful as ocean waves. Her beauty was unmatched, as was her deadly anger.  -Mod Katie @Lovelykat23 on Instagram 

owletarc: reminder that saying that people can’t write a subject that has not affected them ( e.g. abled people writing disabled characters, non lgbt+ people writing lgbt+ characters, etc ) just shows that you as a person, if you’re against… Read more

Prompt #459

creativepromptsforwriting: Thousands of years in the future, a few dozen people wake up at the same time after being cryogenically frozen before the End. They are the last living humans. They survived the apocalypse, but can they survive the aftereffects… Read morePrompt #459

cogesque: The worst thing you write is so much better than the best thing you didn’t write.

Dialogue prompts

sparkingstoryinspiration: 1) “Don’t be afraid.”  2) “Are you- are you moving?” “I have to get out of this place.”  3) “Have you come to kill me?” “No. Maybe tomorrow.”  4) “You don’t belong here.”  5) “I thought-” “Well that was your first mistake.”  6) “Did you do what they… Read moreDialogue prompts

words-pics-flicks: If you write enough, or draw enough, you’ll have a style, whether you want it or not. Neil Gaiman (in ‘The View from the Cheap Seats’)

Writing Perspectives

thetravelerwrites: First Person Perspective: Written in such a way as the protagonist is narrating or recounting the story to the reader, i.e. “I said this, I did that.”  Second Person Perspective: Written in such a way that the reader is… Read moreWriting Perspectives

write-it-motherfuckers: Person A: “The answer is no.” Person B: “I haven’t even asked you anything!” Person A: “I know that face, and I know you’re going to ask me to do some crazy dumb shit that’s likely to get us both killed, all… Read more

Very specific playlist ideas for your OCs

more-oc-questions: a playlist of only 80s songs a playlist of only ABBA songs a playlist of only songs from musicals a playlist where the first letter of each song spells out your OC’s name a playlist of songs your OC… Read moreVery specific playlist ideas for your OCs

senpiecakes: Person C: How can you not see that A is a demon. Person A: *covered in ash and rubble, hair is on fire* Hi! Person B: I know that but they’re my little angel and I love them.

A writer never has a vacation. For a writer life consists of either writing or thinking about writing. Eugene Ionesco

Go with the flow of non-conformity. Sail towards your own greatness. juansen dizon

Leaving Holes

redtulip: astudyinrose: write-like-a-freak: rederthere: write-like-a-freak: Your story is 50% reader. It’s that mixture of reader and writer that makes the magic. Which means your story needs to have holes for the reader to fill in. You need that negative space… Read moreLeaving Holes