Fantasy Name Generators has saved my ass so many times over the years, and when I went on it to look for names to use, I noticed a new thing:

It turns out that Emily, the owner of Fantasy Name Generators, has partnered with an organisation to plant more trees. From the site:

My site has grown to bigger and bigger proportions over the years […], but it also means using up resources without directly having to deal with them myself. Since living responsibly and striving to improve our planet is important to me, it was a logical step to expand this thinking to my sites. So, from this moment onward (June, 2019), I will be donating money to Eden Reforestation Projects to plant trees to offset the resources my sites use, which in turns fights poverty, restore deforested areas and protects bio-diversity

I thought this was the coolest thing and wanted to share it with you all. Here’s the page, if you want to find out more about the partnership! 

Even if you can’t contribute monetarily to this cause, a gentle reminder to turn ads off for the site to support Emily and the wonderful resource she’s created for us! 💛

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