hollys-writeblr: Creating a premise is one of the very first steps in solidifying elements of your story. It is a sentence that conveys the tone, theme, plot and characters all in one sentence. Now that sounds pretty daunting, and that’s… Read more

atalasexp: thisiseverydayracism: https://www.sbs.com.au/nitv/nitv-news/article/2019/04/17/demolition-800-year-old-sacred-trees-compared-notre-dame-fire Demolition of 800-year-old sacred trees compared to Notre-Dame fire I’d say the potential loss of the Djap Warrung trees is worse. Why? They’re being torn down deliberately. It’s not like Notre Dame was deliberately burned by someone… Read more

leiasbluelightsaber: The reams of fabric and elaborate headpieces could be dismissed as either wasteful or quaint, depending on the sentiment of the being doing the dismissing, but each piece served a particular function, as did its placement. – Queen’s Shadow… Read more