I’d say the potential loss of the Djap Warrung trees is worse. Why?

  • They’re being torn down deliberately. It’s not like Notre Dame was deliberately burned by someone wanting to shave two minutes off their morning commute
  • Buildings can be rebuilt. Macron already announced a competition to rebuild the spire. But you can’t replace an 800 year old tree.
  • French culture is not and has not historically been at risk. Being French was never grounds to have your land stolen and your children taken. We cannot forget the violent history of colonialism in Australia
  • People protecting Notre Dame were called heroes. People on Country protecting the Djap Warrung trees face arrest and police brutality.
  • Many species of native plants are at risk of extinction because of logging. The last thing we need is to cut down more trees.
  • The song lines associated with these trees stretch nearly to Uluru. That’s halfway across the fucking continent

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