21-Day WIP Challenge



Day One

List ten words you’d consider using in the title. Even if you’ve already decided on a title, try new options. Then, maybe make some title options!

Day Two 

Write three possible first sentences for this story. Try to make them as different as possible.

Day Three

What’s the most exciting part of writing this story for you?

Day Four

Write a prologue for the story (that won’t be a part of the final draft). If you already have a prologue, try writing it from a different perspective.

Day Five

What are your fears for this project?

Day Six

What’s your logline for this project? 
(Tips on a killer logline here.)

Day Seven 

Describe your favorite side character in-depth.

Day Eight

Pick a very specific location within the story and describe it using only 1 of the 5 senses.

Day Nine

Create a letter your MC would send to you after finding out you’re going to write about their life (as if they were a real person and you were a biographer).

Day Ten

Write ten pieces of dialogue that could be a part of your story without context.

Day Eleven

Assign a theme song to each important character. 

Day Twelve

Write a review you’d want to receive for this book in the future, highlighting all the unique and interesting aspects. 

Day Thirteen

What’s the worst thing that could happen to one of the side characters?

Day Fourteen

What kind of entertainment (theater, TV, books, music, etc) does your MC enjoy?

Day Fifteen

What steps have become obstacles for you so far in the writing process?

Day Sixteen 

Write new titles for your WIP as if it were other genres. One for horror, one for autobiography, one for fantasy, etc etc.

Day Seventeen

Why did the MC’s parents (or whomever) name the MC what they did? Is there meaning behind it, is it cultural, are they named after someone important or a relative, who came up with the name, is it a nickname/how’d they get it?

Day Eighteen

What is one writing goal you’d like to accomplish within the next week?

Day Nineteen

How far are you in the writing process?

Day Twenty

Write a short bio for each important character as if they had written it themselves.

Day Twenty-One

If you had to cast the movie version of this work, who would you cast (and for which characters)?

I will be doing this when I get back from my trip. If you participate with these prompts, please tag me! I love seeing them!

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