probably-a-velociraptor: i-write-sins-not-poems: Mum:hey – Me, returning from a walk in the woods after still being unsuccesfull in getting abducted by the fair folk: I don’t wanna talk right now Ye olden days: “ we must never go in there, the… Read more

bisexual-nightwing: wolverinequeen: dusty-shenanigans: luftraptor: barduils: me continuing to make terrible posts about my extremely niche interests instead of anything people actually followed me for: Note: this is not ferret abuse, they really do enjoy being carried like sacks of potatos…. Read more

queenrinacat: brainstatic: Everyone’s like “those Germans have a word for everything” but English has a word for tricking someone into watching the music video for Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up. English has a lot more words created for very… Read more