For those of you lying on your resumes about being proficient in Microsoft Office, time to actually get those skills. Jobs exams are becoming more popular. Companies are testing you to make sure you actually know your shit.

Facts especially when it comes to typing words per minute is free and really helps to practice your typing!

Agreed I just took a skills test at a job interview on Microsoft office

I was told by someone who applied there that one of jobs in interviewing for actually tests you on excel in the interview so now I’m having to take an excel class in preparation.

Word, excel and outlook could be on these exams

Spend an hour on YouTube with an Excel Basics playlist, and I promise y’all will be straight

Check out this link for free Microsoft Office 365 introduction and tutorials:

It’s free, approachable, and most definitely what you’ll encounter in the modern workplace. I’ve used this myself a lot.

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