Dialogue prompts


1) “Don’t be afraid.” 

2) “Are you- are you moving?” “I have to get out of this place.” 

3) “Have you come to kill me?” “No. Maybe tomorrow.” 

4) “You don’t belong here.” 

5) “I thought-” “Well that was your first mistake.” 

6) “Did you do what they say you did?” 

7) “I was wrong-” “Wait, wait a second, say that again?” “What?” “I want to hear you say that again?” “This is childish-” “Say it or the deal is off.” “I was wrong.” “Oh, yeah, that’s the stuff.” 

8) “You don’t want to know what happened to them.” “Then let me regret it. Just tell me.” 

9) “Do you believe her?” “Not at all.” “So why did we just make that deal?” “Because she’s our best chance.” 

10) “Someone left this at the desk for you.” 

11) “Is that blood?” “Will you believe me if I say no?” 

12) “He’s gone. He’s just gone.” 

13) “I don’t make promises I can’t keep.” “You don’t make any promises.” “Exactly.” 

14) “Have I ever told you how much I adore you?” “What do you want?” 

15) “How did you get in here?” “The window is broken, do you want to at least give it a guess?” 

16) “I didn’t come here to die.” “Well child, no one comes here to live.” 

17) “Do you think he’s telling the truth?” “Unlikely.” 

18) “I’ve come with news! I’ve come with news!” “Well, spit it out, boy!” “The King is dead!” 

19) “This is not the legacy I wished to leave.” 

20) “Don’t come any closer!” she shouted, jabbing her knitting needle at him. “Or what? You’ll knit me to death?” 

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