reminder that saying that people can’t write a subject that has not affected them ( e.g. abled people writing disabled characters, non lgbt+ people writing lgbt+ characters, etc ) just shows that you as a person, if you’re against it, think these people can’t empathize with our stories. restricting this will only mean there’s less representation in media and fanworks alike, because they will be too afraid to write the story in case tumblr demons try to jump on them and tear their throats out. there is a distinct, disturbing trend of people on this hellsite tearing apart works that are “progressive” because they don’t tick off every fucking box, as if this isn’t a progress. and if it comes to people’s headcanons on this site, you can dislike it? but leave them the fuck alone? if somebody headcanons a character with a different sexuality, or as disabled, or with a mental disorder, etc ; leave them the fuck alone. block the post and move on, if you so dislike it.

all this posturing and gatekeeping does is restrict artistic freedom and diversity in stories, the exact thing this site always posits that is the be all and end all in our media. make your damn minds up.

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