Ways For Your Characters to Realize They’re In Love


  • Marathoning favorite shows/movies of their partner even though they don’t really like it
  • Watching their partner study for an exam
  • Seeing their partner sorting candy by color
  • Hearing the way their partner talks to kids
  • Looking into their eyes and really looking at their eye color
  • Noticing small details about them (physically)
  • When they remember details about their partner
  • Going on a road trip with their partner and having a good time singing and talking for hours with minimal awkwardness
  • Seeing how their partner treats another human being/animal
  • The way their partner looks when they fall asleep/wake up 
  • Seeing their partner make them a meal
  • Smelling their cologne/perfume in a crowd
  • Hearing their laugh
  • Having their partner reach for them without looking because they know they’re there.
  • Giving their partner a nickname/having their partner give them a nickname
  • Hearing a song that reminds them of their partner
  • Standing up for their partner/Protecting them
  • Catching their eye when they’re in a crowd
  • When they’re crying
  • When they pick them up/get picked up by them from work, school, etc.
  • Seeing how much confidence they have when they talk about something they love

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