On Writing: Quick Tips on Creating a Character Profile

Below are a few sources to help anyone struggling with figuring out who their characters are. They’re very simple!

The Seven Virtues and Seven Sins.

There are a few slightly varied versions of the seven virtues and sins – these are from Wikipedia since they’re the ones I used to make my own profiles. Pick one of each that resembles your character the most.

The Seven Virtues:

  1. Chastity – purity, abstinence
  2. Temperance – self-restraint, humanity, equanimity
  3. Charity – benevolence, generosity, sacrifice
  4. Diligence – hard working, persistence, ethics
  5. Patience – acceptance, tolerance, forgiveness, mercy
  6. Kindness – friendliness, generosity, satisfaction, compassion
  7. Humility – modesty, bravery, reverence

The Seven Sins:

  1. Lust – strong desire for sex/power
  2. Gluttony – material greed to the point of waste, withholding from the needy
  3. Greed – intense, selfish desire
  4. Sloth – laziness, idleness
  5. Wrath – extreme anger
  6. Envy – resentful longing
  7. Pride – arrogance, ignorance, vanity

The attached images are two character charts I made. Take them if you think they’ll be useful!

  • The first chart (balanced/unbalanced etc.) is a personality chart. Fill it in like so: [] [] [x] [] [] i.e. so you can see how balanced or unbalanced your character is. 
  •  The second chart (strength, health etc.) is a skills charts: fill it in like so: [x] [x] [x] [] [] [], i.e. what’s their score out of 6?

The Five Languages of Love:

Which language do they express the most? Which language do they like having expressed to them the most? They don’t have to be the same.

  1. Words of Affirmation – reassurance, compliments, declarations of love
  2. Physical Touch – touchy (not necessarily sexual), physical presence
  3. Gifts – thoughtfulness, effort, kind gestures, security
  4. Quality Time – attention, communication
  5. Acts of Service – easing burdens, helpfulness

BONUS: Quizzes!

These can be a fun way to figure some stuff out about your character.

  • The official Hogwarts house quiz – this is a duplicate someone made of Pottermore’s official quiz, so you can take it as many times as you want. It’s a good quiz. A lot of people know about the Hogwarts houses but read more about them here if you need to.
  • The official Ilvermorny house quiz – another duplicate from Pottermore on the American wizarding houses. I don’t know a whole lot about them myself so it was just a bit of fun for me. Read about them here.
  • The official patronus text – like an animal representation quiz I guess. not that personality-relevant, just fun. The graphics involve flying through a 3D forest so if you get nauseous easily from things like that just be aware.
  • The Avatar bending quiz – bending isn’t just about the element; the elements all represent their own philosophies. Read about them here.
  • The Myers Briggs 16 characters quiz – a lot of people use this for creating characters. Vivien Reis has a video explaining the 16 characters (with examples) here.

Hopefully this is helpful to some people! It can be easier to start with stuff like this that’s light and easy to do.

I never go deep into my character creation pre-writing but some of these look really interesting to use when I start outlining.

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