It’s been said before, but I really despise how “gaslighting” has changed from referring to a specific domestic abuse tactic to meaning “lying but more sensationally”

it’s also not “this person disagrees with me”

Friendly reminder that gaslighting isn’t just lying or telling a big
lie. It is purposely lying or misconstruing events to make the other
person doubt their own judgement, perception or sanity like what
happened in the play Gas Light, where the term came from.

is when your confidence in your mind starts to go from ‘I have a good
memory/idea of what I know’ to ‘Did that happen? Am I making things up? I
don’t remember doing that but what if I did?’ It is the feeling that
you MUST have a bad memory/be making things up/forgetting things/really
be the villain when someone tells you something, even when you remember
things distinctly differently.

People can tell small lies like ‘I
don’t remember’ and big lies like ‘I paid the bills’ and ridiculous lies
like ‘One time I met Taylor Swift in a bar and she told me I had the
face of an angel and the next day I was offered a modeling gig, THE NEXT
DAY’ without it being gaslighting because they’re not trying to change
your perception of yourself or what you remember or make you doubt

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