I’m writing a story in which my 2 main characters get curse put on them. Part of the curse makes their hair act magically on it’s own. One of them is a black woman who used to have very long hair until she was cursed, then she cut it short and now she covers it most of the time to keep it under control. Is this okay or do you think I need to rethink this concept?


Black Woman with Cursed Hair

Black hair struggles under the weight of negative connotations. To make it an actual negative entity doesn’t sit well with me. Having magical hair isn’t a problem for me in itself. It’s the cursed and uncontrolled part that gives me pause. Is the hair hurting others or more annoying than harmful?

I answered an ask, Black characters with snakes for hair, and this one handled the concept well.  I’d ask you to explore other options for a curse. 

If you’d like to keep the hair magical, i’d suggest:

Remove the outright negative connotations to the hair. 

Right now it reads as cursed and uncontrollable (or something to be controlled by cutting it), period. Can she use this curse to her advantage, and make it into a positive for her? Maybe people actually admire her hair and its magical properties and she grows to like itt? 

Including black characters without cursed hair

It would help if you have neutral or positive assocations with other Black characters. Maybe the character mentions she longs for hair like theres: normal curls that dont have a mind of its own. This way you avoid associating all black hair with the cursed hair conceptions of the MC. 

~Mod Colette

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