hey, fantasy and historical writers!! Just a quick thing but uh, you know your blacksmiths? yeah? okay, so,they don’t just make weapons. Like, the  general village blacksmith was a person who made kitchen utensils, latches for gates, pots, cauldrons, candle holders — lots of stuff! 

Your blacksmith can make some awesome swords, yeah, but swords were generally useful for like, people with armouries, travellers, knights, etc. And swords weren’t the most important thing that blacksmiths made! Door hinges, horseshoes, spurs, sickles, axels for horse-drawn carts, iron bands for wheels, kettles, hooks to hang stuff on… that’s where most of their work would come from. It was vital! Blacksmiths, along with many other crafting professions, literally made the stuff that held society together, right down to the tiny steel loop fastenings on a shirt. 

Just remember that next time you’re doing worldbuilding for your story. 

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