Hey listen, I’m totally on the bandwagon of mocking the Male Novelist TM who writes very 2d, objectified female characters and finds his story much more important than anyone else’s because he’s in it and scoffs at any genre but the his genre because it’s trite, etc.


have you every considered how cute male writers are outside of that?

  • Boys who passionately research 19th century slang for their horror flash fiction. Cute! Interesting! Wonderful!
  • Guys who make little models for their screenplay so they can get the spatial relations just right! Dedicated! Hot!
  • Men with books of character references trying to decide what would be most realistic in their spy thriller! Thoughtful! Considerate!
  • Dudes reading their flash fiction out loud to me on a date! Holy shit! Marry me!
  • Man friends who spends hours on soft descriptions for love poems they’ll never send! Send them! I love you!
  • Boys who disappear into the woods for three weeks and emerge with double shadows and haunting tales of whispers and ghosts! Cryptids are in! Spicy!

that’s all for now but I am open to more instances of cute writer guys

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