The Rules of Marketing Your Fic


This is by no means an ‘official’ writing guide, not backed
by studies or science. Say rather it’s the things I’ve observed,
trial-and-error over my going-on-twenty years of writing and publishing fics

  • 1. Starting out in a new fandom

The first stage is participation. You need to get to know
your territory, and make yourself known to the territory. Look around. Find the
hubs of fandom activity and, if they are open to newcomers, join them.

Participate in discussions.
Look at other people’s creations and comment on them.  

Create things that are integrative and participatory: kink
memes, contests, writing memes that are going around. Read, analyze, and add your own thoughts to
meta posts.

Get people used to seeing your name and face (or icon.)

  • 2. Producing your own content in the fandom

When you feel that you have a) read enough in the fandom to
get the lay of the land and b) participated enough that your presence is known,
you can start producing more of your own content that is not integrative or

You can subvert the local memes and conventions (in fact, that’s a great way
to make interesting content) but you have to know what they are first.

  • 3. Gaining and maintaining a reader base

If people comment on your stuff, if your time and/or social
spoons allow, answer them! Your goal is not just to passively collect reader
attention but to cultivate a relationship with your readers.
Positive feedback encourages desired behavior!

A few guidelines for replying to readers:

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