theaceandaroadvocacyproject: For the fourth day of Ace Week, we are highlighting creators who are aces of color. Check out their work!

nerdysunflowerqueen: Self care is sexy… because look at you, caring about you and shit. -Lessons that life Teaches aka shit I forget when I’m depressed.

gentle reminder

gentle-reminder: it’s okay to not like certain things about yourself, it’s normal – but no matter what, there will always be that one thing you do like; focus your energy on what will push you forward, and that feeling will… Read moregentle reminder

lokiago: This isnt coming out of the closet. This is coughing loudly from within the closet to scare the people outside of it, which is immensely more entertaining. traderjoeslesbian: i really hate coming out but still want my extended family… Read more

shitposting-hobbits-to-gallifrey: yay855: sisterofiris: Hey students, here’s a pro tip: do not write an email to your prof while you’re seriously sick. Signed, a person who somehow came up with “dear hello, I am sick and not sure if I’ll be alive… Read more

pascalcampion: October 10, 2019Mental Health day. A very simplified version of a very serious, very complex matter. #pascalcampion

sapphywatchesyousleep: crazyintheeast: counterpunches: lafgl: padmedala: i’d be really curious to know what percent of queerbaiting is  a) an intentional marketing scheme to stir interest in the project and attract certain fanbases (lgbtq people and young women) vs.  b) members of the creative… Read more

Plot A Month W3D4: How to Make Subplots Work

fixyourwritinghabits: I’ve been hammering away at at plot so much that I feel like I’ve completely missed talking about subplots. And that’s bad, because subplots are important! When we think about subplots, we should break it down three ways. Plot:… Read morePlot A Month W3D4: How to Make Subplots Work


dailytextprompt: Compendium

anniespositivity: starrythomas: It’s okay to give up on things that are no longer working for you, or that you are realising have never worked for you. It’s okay to give up on things. Sometimes it is when we finally let… Read more

tilltheendwilliwrite: Reblog to save a writer’s sanity. holorifle: here is a super helpful website for this kinda thing! the first result isn’t always the one you’re looking for but when you press enter it’ll give you a ton of words… Read more

thelovemessenger: a message for anyone that needs it: because someone has/had it worse doesn’t mean your struggling isn’t important. you’re valid too and you deserve help too.

Life is not about who you once were. It’s about who you are right now, and the person you have the potential to be. Unknown (via onlinecounsellingcollege)

Don’t fear failure. Fear being in the same place in a year from now. Unknown (via onlinecounsellingcollege)

postilionstruckbylightning: insomniac-arrest: thethiefandtheairbender: The Good Place (2016-2020) brah The Good Place’s take on morality is so important to me. It never suggests that being good is easy or straightforward – quite the opposite – but it says, over and over… Read more

farmfaggot: i just wanna sleep every night in a forest on a king bed sized mushroom is that really too much to ask

hunterinabrowncoat: I feel like it’s time we talked about how there is no such thing as universal accessibility. One space cannot be accessible for every single person. And I don’t say that to suggest that we just shouldn’t try making… Read more

lsleofskye: Nightsky | Florian Kunde

flowerais: soft reasons to feel okay sleeping on warm sand french pastries smelling flowers genuinely kind people feeling at home  loving others and being loved late night drives memorising lyrics deep conversations serendipitous friendships dancing to songs the feeling of… Read more

edgelord-zuuko: marsza: marsza: I was doing my makeup today while my brother was fixing his hair. It was quiet and we were both busy doing ourselves up, but after I put on mascara I noticed that Nico was staring at… Read more