I’m bored I’m bored I’m bored of elves being just white humans who are all conventionally attractive and hairless!!! This is a whole separate species of creature who can sometimes reach 8 ft in height!!! Described as eerily beautiful but also often frightful to look upon, their eyes GLOW like jesus christ draw elves as the slightly-too-long slightly-too-strange cryptids that they deserve to be!! Acknowledge Beren and Aragorn as the lowkey monsterfuckers they are!!!!

For real though. I think the closest they have come was with the portrayal of Galadriel. Like yes, she’s equally gorgeous, white and hairless as all the rest of them but at least they didn’t downplay the fact that she is eerie as fuck and she’s terrifying. She’s not intimidating just because she’s stunning, she’s intimidating because she is powerful to the point that most of the fellowship are dead afraid of her. And we got to see a glimpse of her dark side and I don’t know about y’all but I was 11 when I saw the FOTR for the first time and that scene scared the ever loving fuck out of me.

Give us ethnically diverse elves!! Jirt only really gave us their eye and hair colors so GET CREATIVE PEOPLE

Makes me think of

Actually now I have to add on


Elves don’t reproduce quickly enough to get this divers. Not saying they can’t have slight differences in skin color, but… EVERYONE IS CLOSELY RELATED. So you’d have to stick with one look, maybe two.

False! Tolkien elves didn’t evolve from a common ancestor, they are all descended from the 144 unique and individually created cuivienen elves so there are about 20,000 possible racial combinations you could go for and diverse skin tones and appearances are actually far more likely than homogeneity

Also! Its fiction! You hold the power to make it true!

Also like. Bold of them to assume that elves didn’t start out black. Fuck that dude.

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