Problems for a villain who’s fallen in love with the hero

  1. How to make a plot villainous enough to attract they attention but tame enough they won’t get hurt
  2. Would calling their cell for a random chat because like villain-creepy or stalker-creepy? Or both?
  3. Okay so when they wink at me after a great comeback, is that just their charismatic arrogance or do they maybe like me back?
  4. My newest villain monologue was gonna include this bit about my rough childhood but idk that feels like a fifth date fight subject
  5. Should I update my outfit again? I think they like my new boots but the cape didn’t get the reaction I was hoping for

6. their mentor just died (of natural causes don’t look at me like that). If I went to the funeral out of costume would they recognize me?

7. It’s our one year anniversary fuck how does one celebrate an anniversary of rivalry and one-sided devotion

8. Where’s your enemy when you just watched a sad movie and need a hug

9. It’s mid january what the shit are they doing out here without a scarf and gloves and would it be weird if I offered them mine

10. I will kill one person for every ten minutes you’re late – hope you can make it! Love, Devoted to you, Yours forever, – me

11. They look tired maybe we should take a break. Yeah I’ll just turn around, you haven’t seen the last of me, bla bla bla…. Feel better

@shadow-schemer you get it 😂



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