As the smoke clears and the dust settles, the aftermath of a great conflict reveals itself. A range of emotions is felt by those involved. Relief and comfort. Fear and panic. Is it over? Have we won? Is everyone safe? Is everyone together?

Start Writing: What thoughts and emotions are each of your characters feeling as the conflict of the haunted house appears to come an end? Is everything they needed to accomplished done? Does it feel safe to leave?

Before we draw this adventure to a close, brainstorm one final act, either by the supernatural or the house itself, for your characters the encounter before they can maybe, finally leave.

Want to share your work on Tumblr? Use the tag #OSWC2019 If you
post your story, or final part of, on October 31st tag me and I’ll
reblog it! I’ve been reading through the tag and loving what’s been
written so far!

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