The Author Speaks:  All My Original Writing Content



For your convenience, a masterpost of all (or most) of my original posts so far.  It will obviously be updated as I create and add more!

Enjoy, and thank you for reading!  <3

The Basics:  Plotting, Descriptions, and More

The Dos and Don’ts of Beginning a Novel

How to Write Good Dialogue

How to Avoid Purple Prose

Tips for Visual Thinkers

5 Ways to Name Your Novel


How to Write a Kiss Scene

How to Write a (Healthy) Romance


Angelic Cheat Sheet

Irish Mythology Resources


My #1 Tip For Writing Horror


How to Get to Know Your Characters

Male Protagonists to Avoid in Your Writing

Female Protagonists to Avoid in Your Writing

How to Write Strong Female Characters 

The Straight Person’s Guide to Portraying Queer People

The Traits of a Likable Hero

The Secret to a Relatable Villain

How to Write (or Avoid) Abusive Parents

Reference Masterposts

Marketing Masterpost

Worldbuilding Masterpost

Drug Addiction Masterpost

Depicting Deaf, Blind, or Mute Characters

Depicting Amputees

Depicting Jewish Characters

Depicting Black Characters

Depicting Characters Who Have ADHD

Happy writing, everybody!

I’m just….gonna….leave this here……..

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