I am relatively young but in final stage renal failure. I have a higher chance of survival IF I can recieve proper medical care AND LIVING ASSISTANCE in a different state. Get me OUT of Mississippi.

The long post w the good explanation is being shared but not inspiring much help. So, I simplified it.

My illness is straight up fatal. Not gonna beat around thatBush, anymore. I seem desperate for help because I AM desperate for help.

My nephrologist has seen enough improvement in my kidney function, lately, to believe someone my age (early 30s) might have a longer life WITH PROPER AND FREQUENT MEDICAL ATTENTION. Sadly, that just isn’t an option where I live.

Please, if you can help me with moving expenses (even just a couple of bucks) I would be grateful. I’m sinking fast in Mississippi and now my doctors are giving me too much hope to ignore. I wanna get out of this situation and I’m working my fatigued, brain-foggy ass off to make it out of here.

If I can undo the damage my heart failure caused to the rest of my body, I want to. I don’t want to spend another month KNOWING what I should be eating, what medicines I should be taking, what tests and treatments I should be getting… and receiving almost none of it because Mississippi lawmakers think people like me have somehow earned slow, painful deaths.


Starting in Jan my insurance is roughly $300 a month (A social worker and I are trying to get that changed. The job I was working right before I got seriously sick and ended up hospitalized repeatedly is giving my case proof-of-income issues.)

If anyone can help, I’m still just working odd jobs when I’m not in the hospital.

My phone is also $50 behind at this exact moment. I’m scared because work is going to be scarce with most businesses and people I work for out of town or closed for the holidays.

All I can give you is gratitude while everything is still in this much chaos.

But one year in & I’m doing better than last year! Thank you to everyone that’s helped or reblogged. I appreciate not having to do this alone.

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