theloveprojectlove: [ID: Handwritten post with the quote “You will be okay”, surrounded by vines and a single heart. Attributed to EK.] positiveautistic: You will be okay🌿❤️ Ig: @ eliaskarts

sirenfemme: I’m ok. I’m gonna be ok. I’m gonna live a beautiful life and I’ll get to know beautiful people. I will create things of beauty and be surrounded by flowers. And I’ll love myself, and I’ll be soft, I’ll… Read more

loverworm: oh to be a frog wearing late turn of the century clothing on a steamboat

conceptualsolitude: concept: it is a quiet summer morning. warm sunlight and cool, crisp air stream through my open window. my room is heavy with the smell of flowers, vines, grass, and growth. the only sounds are of bees outside, a… Read more

teatoppy: blad-the-inhaler: i-want-cheese: awkwardblacknerd: I still think Moana deserved an Oscar for this part To me, the moral of Moana is that only women can help other women heal from male violence.  The movie starts with the idea that the… Read more

sleepymilhk: Concept: old books shops and french cafés, rainy days. Journaling on autumn nights under fairy lights. The world is at peace while we sleep.

tswftadvice: If you’ve made it through your worst days. You can make it through today.

owlinadayswork: nitocrisss: dankmemeuniversity: dont get me wrong this is #mood but just try eating a piece of bread with salt. please, seriously. ok? at least a tiny bit. salt helps with nausea, bread calms the stomach acid. if you really… Read more

Writing Prompt #1041

promptsforthestrugglingauthor: “Would you get out of bed already?” He peeled the covers off his limbs, swung his feet over the edge, stepped out, wiggled his fingers with gusto, and climbed back under the covers. “There. Done. And that’s as much… Read moreWriting Prompt #1041

simplynerdy: mrevaunit42: nickiplague: robokitty77: anxiouslydepressedintrovert: novadreamer648: strustloveyo: leg-stealing-bee: phanicatthemourge: masochist-incarnate: aces-and-anime: cantsleeplogan: phillipfancypants: images-that-are-only-blessed: Also: while we’re doing checkpoints, make sure you’re on WiFi and not data And unclench your jaw stretch and have a glass of water Take your… Read more

venuselectrificata: venuselectrificata: not sure if this will make sense to anyone besides me but: the antidote to negativity is not positivity, its warmth positivity tells a sad person that there is no reason to be sad. warmth asks the sad… Read more

PARO the Seal: an Ethical Electronic Caregiver?

PARO the Seal: an Ethical Electronic Caregiver? Hey, everybody! I sometimes post on Medium about different things that interest me, and I thought I’d share this post with you all. It is NOT behind the metered paywall, so no worrying… Read morePARO the Seal: an Ethical Electronic Caregiver?

tordenvejr: there is no audience to perform for, there is no approval, no admiration to attain. there is no role worth playing, there is no one to convince. let it go

youaremyeverlovin: haters will see you rotating the perfect sphere, yet not visually perceive the rotation due to said sphere’s lack of imperfections, and say you cant rotate a sphere

katie-life-coach: “It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.” — unkown

dailybunny: If Bunny Can Accommodate Her Person to the Hollow Vessel, She Will Ensconce Herself There Happy Bunday! Thanks, Krissy and bunny Chili!

writerswritecompany: This post is about how writers should introduce their characters in the first few lines. It includes three tips to help you do it as well as you can. Thin slicing We all thin slice. No, I’m not referring… Read more

vivir-un-instante: Everyday we walk the streets that once upon a time was walked by several outstanding people of humanity. Authors, poets, scientists, inventors, kings, world leaders of the past. Those are the very same streets where soldiers marched to battle,… Read more

victoriansword: Omani Kattara Oman Sword (Kattara) with original scabbard in black leather and with silver fitments. Total length: 43 inches.

thependragonwritersguild: Prompt #11383 “My new arm came with texture and temperature mapping.”