This is why I strongly advocate for an alien invasion movie but set in like 1142. The Anarchy is in full swing. 

it’d be so good. Everyone would map theological explanations of the aliens onto them. It’d be so much fun. 

Aliens: Take us to your leader. 
Jocelyn, Peasant: All right. Um, which one? Are you for King Stephen or the Empress Maude? 
Aliens: Um–
Jocelyn: I recommend Empress Maude. King Stephen is a lying usurper. 
Aliens: All right, Empress Maude. Take us to her. 
Jocelyn: I always new God was on our side. 
Jocelyn: You’re angels right? Come to bring us portends and tidings of the divine? 
Aliens: Or to massacre you.
Jocelyn: That makes sense. We’re very sinful. We deserve whatever punishment it is God has seen fit to bestow upon us. 
Aliens: Wow. 

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