The Signs and Cities II:


Aries: The crown jewel of the empire now buried under the ice cap. The court of a young king preserved deep below. 

Taurus: A great flotilla city. Forged of a thousand shipwrecks.

Gemini: A city of solitude, secluded high in a natural fortress. Its keeps and sewers stretching on for miles and miles.

Cancer: A city built into the guts of a colossal war machine now rusted and dormant.

Leo: A holy city of bone and leaves. Its residents masked and staring. 

Virgo: What used to be a port city. All that is left of the sea is dust and salt.

Libra: A fortress city so vast and labyrinthine, nobody remembers what lies within its deepest vault.

Scorpio: A city of artists and whores. A city both famous and infamous.

Ophiuchus: A city of long winters and grand pine halls. A city of hearth and war.

Sagittarius: A city of stone chapels and ancient trees. A city built among the forest not of it.

Capricorn: A city blanketed by snow. Beneath the white lies vaulted ceilings more beautiful than any.

Aquarius: A city of a thousand islands, shifting bridges that move with the tide.

Pisces: A stolen capital. A city with no palace or keep but a grand arena which serves as sepulcher to an ancient warrior queen.

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