i see your ‘nowhere in the nursery rhyme does it say humpty dumpty was an egg’ and raise you ‘nowhere in the legendarium does tolkien say that elves have pointed ears’

Mary Shelley didn’t give the monster bolts.

Arthur Conan Doyle never put Holmes in a deer stalker (also “elementary my dear Watson” is never said in the books, and he doesn’t smoke a curved pipe)

There are boys at Beauxbatons and girls at Durmstrang schools

Edgar Allan Poe wrote the earliest essay on the big bang theory

#reality is an illusion

fuck this site I thought the tv show for the briefest of seconds and the shit machine in my skull thought “quoth the raven ‘Bazongo”

ernest hemingway was from florida

He lived in Key West and his home has six-toed cats. It’s a huge tourist attraction. Is that not well known by people who aren’t from Florida? 

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