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Creative Writing: price varies
poetry, fiction, drama, etc.

Professional Writing: 25 cents per word
author bios, slideshows, articles, blog posts, etc.
[No product reviews without actually being able to test the product myself.]

Editing: 2 cents per word
Limited / Budget-Conscious Editing:
grammar, punctuation, spelling, visual prettiness
[Scope: surface level]

Editing: 3 cents per word
Copy Editing:
sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, word choice, ambiguity, facts/research, consistency)
[Scope: sentence / word / punctuation]

Editing: 4 cents per word
Comprehensive / Substantive / Line Editing:
readability, wordiness, overused words, paragraphs, dialogue, phrasing, ambiguity, focus, bland language, pacing, tone, sentences)
[Scope: scene / paragraph / sentence]

Editing: $5 per page
paragraphs, sentences, dialogue, layout, alignment, indentation, consistency, readability, CreateSpace-friendly PDF

Editing: $20 per hour
Developmental Editing / Manuscript Critique:
narrative, pacing, characters, setting, “big picture” development, structure, theme, premise, suggesting solutions, plot)
[Scope: whole book]

Tutoring: $15 per hour
Word choice

Book Review: $10 per book
[Copy of book must be provided.]

Transcription (PG-13 or lower): $20 per hour

Document Summary: $5 per 2,000 words

Research: price varies
Article topic list
Finding fair, relevant articles
Unbiased information
List of relevant magazines, journals, books, etc.

Video Game Review: price varies based on game length
[Copy of game must be provided.]

Bibliography / Works Cited Page: $5 per page (as per style guidelines and formatting)

Guest Blog Post: negotiable

Podcast Guest: negotiable

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