unicyclehippo: me, panicking, not writing my story: it’s stupid, it’s a stupid story! the tiny gremlin in my brain, enjoying a lollipop & wearing the Most Eyewateringly vibrant shorts: so what?

digitaldancin: realityremedy: ellieisnotoldyet: I’ve been reading through the notes and I just have to say that I absolutely promise, promise, promise you that nobody in the dental surgery is there to judge you, and we’re certainly not mad at you…. Read more

wbqotd: Do the people of your setting have any way of staying underwater for long periods of time?

sup-i-like-to-write: “Complicated doesn’t mean unworthy” —

do you have any tips for combining horror, romance, and an eventual happy ending?

justawritingaid: This is an interesting combo because you have two genres with conflicting goals: Horror is focused on instilling fear in the reader, is more plot-oriented, and at most has a bittersweet ending. Romance is an idealistic genre that has… Read moredo you have any tips for combining horror, romance, and an eventual happy ending?

thevelvetpelican: Try stuff. Put plants in your room even if you aren’t the best at caring for them. Attempt that dessert recipe even if it turns out ugly. Listen to that music you’ve been meaning to try for a while…. Read more

beautiful-wickedness: daughterofapollo123: trustme-im-a-pirate: mindblownie: annabellioncourt: idrils: i see your ‘nowhere in the nursery rhyme does it say humpty dumpty was an egg’ and raise you ‘nowhere in the legendarium does tolkien say that elves have pointed ears’ Mary Shelley didn’t give the… Read more

starrlikesbooks: December’s Book Horoscopes! More detail under the cut Keep reading

wethinkwedream: love is not just the soft place but also the place where you have to look at yourself and ask, “can i be better? can i be kinder? can i give more? can i listen more? can i grow? can… Read more

Mary Norris’s Thoughts on Pesky Possessives

Mary Norris’s Thoughts on Pesky Possessives

I am not at all in a humour for writing; I must write on until I am. Jane Austen (via writingdotcoffee)

Practical Tips For Writing With Depression

tiawithhoney: With depression, it’s hard enough trying to find the motivation to get out of bed in the morning before the next day begins. Summoning the energy it takes to write can be even harder, especially since depression (and sometimes… Read morePractical Tips For Writing With Depression

Writing Prompt #1050

promptsforthestrugglingauthor: “Will you shut up?” The hero growled at the villain handcuffed behind him. “Will you shut up?” The villain repeated in a mocking falsetto. “It’s not that I haven’t been captured before, you know, but everyone gets sick of… Read moreWriting Prompt #1050

prokopetz: Based on a survey of Tumblr users’ professed career ambitions, I’ve concluded that our ideal occupations are: writer lighthouse keeper specialty bookstore clerk patent examiner ornamental hermit surveillance drone operator hunter-gatherer sign painter web designer circa 1996 that wild-eyed… Read more

Writing Prompt: Dialogue

writing-challenges-and-prompts: “I feel like… this is not something I would… eat.”

otherwindow: otherwindow: otherwindow: Consider: A fantasy series where the court wizard is treated and portrayed just like an IT guy. Court Wizard, fixing the Queen’s magic mirror: has’t thee attempted cleansing and reapplying the runes anew? Court Wizard sees like… Read more

How can I get more plot material?

justawritingaid: Technically this general post exists already, but it’s simplistic and on my list for rewrites. But, if you mean “more plot material” like any of the following points, then take a look at the Plot and Story Structure tag because… Read moreHow can I get more plot material?

lianabrooks: allfrogsarefriends: darkmelodies27: allfrogsarefriends: batmango307: allfrogsarefriends: as much as i love my job, the minute i get rich, im quitting, buying a house and raising honeybees while opening a solarpunk cafe I don’t know what solar punk is but I… Read more

prokopetz: Dungeons & Dragons dragons by age category: 0-10 Years: Basically a giant fire-breathing housecat. Has a big ego, but rarely plans beyond the next meal. Distract with something shiny. 10-100 Years: The firepower of a small army paired with… Read more

The Signs and Cities II:

normal-horoscopes: Aries: The crown jewel of the empire now buried under the ice cap. The court of a young king preserved deep below.  Taurus: A great flotilla city. Forged of a thousand shipwrecks. Gemini: A city of solitude, secluded high… Read moreThe Signs and Cities II: