thiswaycomessomethingwicked: This is why I strongly advocate for an alien invasion movie but set in like 1142. The Anarchy is in full swing.  it’d be so good. Everyone would map theological explanations of the aliens onto them. It’d be so… Read more

crankyteapot: i am a person of simple taste

tordenvejr: there is no audience to perform for, there is no approval, no admiration to attain. there is no role worth playing, there is no one to convince. let it go

youaremyeverlovin: haters will see you rotating the perfect sphere, yet not visually perceive the rotation due to said sphere’s lack of imperfections, and say you cant rotate a sphere

obsle: sootonthecarpet: sirobvious: >go to Draculas castle >he has a humidifier >pour two liter of holy water into it >leave Everyone, do not do this! Your local Dracula probably isn’t hurting you, and helps manage the area’s wolf and rat… Read more

deepspacepirate: One of the things I really dig about Invader Zim is that Zim wears a pink dress, but literally nobody comments on it. It’s never joked about, and nobody makes fun of him for it. In other kids’ cartoons… Read more

transdonaldduck: do you ever hear a song that inspires you to make the world a softer and kinder place? a song that makes your eyes water, and you heart feel very full, and kinda just gives you a sense of… Read more

hexglyphs: hexglyphs: i’m a sucker for enemies to lovers but you know what really obliterates me on impact… lovers to nemeses with History™ just, the mystery… the DRAMA… the endless speculation as to what could have possibly have been strong… Read more

my-analogical-romance: go-lurk: bogleech: A witch is a magic user with more focus on medicine and the body and a wizard is a magic user with more focus on like physics and academia. I don’t know what dingus made up one… Read more

fiveshortgrayblesofmylife: furikomaru: t-high-la420: the switch from ‘a girl worth fighting for’ to coming upon the decimated village in mulan is THE MOST kick-in-the-teeth mood change IN ALL OF CINEMA That scene shift did more for our generation’s understanding of the… Read more

wendynerdwrites: I am still so salty about Power Rangers 2017. People weep and moan for well written representation in film and I’m like “Power Rangers 2017 gave you a team with only one white member, a questioning queer girl, and… Read more

conceptualsolitude: concept: me, walking alone through a forest. the only thing on my mind is how beautiful it is here, all dappled sunlight and the smell of earth and growth