edgelord-zuuko: marsza: marsza: I was doing my makeup today while my brother was fixing his hair. It was quiet and we were both busy doing ourselves up, but after I put on mascara I noticed that Nico was staring at… Read more

beercheesecasserole: catsbrew: lesbiansforboromir: gilorestel: bonoparty: bonoparty: lesbohydra: lesbiansforboromir: I’m bored I’m bored I’m bored of elves being just white humans who are all conventionally attractive and hairless!!! This is a whole separate species of creature who can sometimes reach 8… Read more

feltelures: ro-zden: rilli-luci: shejustwantssomuch: babyanimalgifs: Find someone who supports you like this cat supports his owner’s music via @sarperduman OH MY GOD THE cat is enchanted @corixr I like to think this piece is called “The Kitten’s Lullaby”, and it… Read more

otherwise-called-squidpope: shieldfoss: thatll-do: mikkeneko: mikkeneko: mikkeneko: character concept: the best trick archer in the world, the trick to which is that he’s actually not an archer at all, he’s a speedster and he can’t aim for shit, every time he… Read more

mother-entropy: traumasakura: shoutout to people with simultaneously great and terrible memories. like oh yeah i remember in perfect detail that random story you told about the banana costume from a year ago but all of novemeber? completely blank. trauma brain… Read more

heavyweightheart: not resilient like a beautiful flower pushing up thru concrete but resilient like an inflatable bounce back clown toy being punched repeatedly in the head by a maniacal 5 year old

the-honey-dukes: You: This generation wants to fuck vampires and shit. What happened to the time when vampires were scary? Me, an intellectual (who wrote her BA Thesis about this very topic): The Vampire as a literary device literally developed out of… Read more

glutenfree–sweetie: christm6syves: tarynel: afronerdism: luvmelaninvibes: tarynel: mastertheshade: tarynel: For those of you lying on your resumes about being proficient in Microsoft Office, time to actually get those skills. Jobs exams are becoming more popular. Companies are testing you to make… Read more

angelwormwood: angelwormwood: im sorry but you just. you CAN’T seriously expect me to get invested in cishet love story #29874 when gay people like. exist. bland cishet romance: isn’t this nice? 🙂 me:

Is this what real beauty looks like?

aestheticschaos: officialromaniantranslatiuni: By Steven McIntosh (Entertainment reporter) “Go to Google Images right now,” says photographer Mihaela Noroc, “and search ‘beautiful women’.” I do as she tells me. Millions of results come back. “What do you see?” she asks. “Very sexualised… Read moreIs this what real beauty looks like?

badeliz: argumate: oh yeah well what if trains entering tunnels didn’t symbolise sex, in fact what if sex symbolised railway engineering, how about that huh everything is about sex, except sex, which is about trains

furiousgoldfish: Causing distress and pain to another person and then focusing on how that person reacts to it, and criticizing the reaction, as if the reaction and not the abuse is wrong, is in fact, evil. It’s not helping anyone… Read more

furiousgoldfish: Every time you think “they could have hurt me worse”, remember that you shouldn’t have been hurt at all. You should have received support and help on everything you struggled with. You should never have faced pain from the hands… Read more

aethersea: tonystark-tm: fake relationship but its a king and his concubine that was once an amazing soldier but he couldn’t go up the ranks for whatever reason so the king was like listen. hear me out. you can be my… Read more

just-call-me-ella: I was talking to my mom the other day, and she said she was going to start going to the gym, because its important care for your body. I’m disabled w/ multiple chronic illnesses, so going to the gym… Read more

rabidpeep: grazztthedark: prokopetz: A female dragonborn paladin with the noble background is the ultimate switch: she can be the knight, the princess or the dragon, as circumstances require. I’m imagining a scenario where, through a series of misunderstandings, she’s hired… Read more

hawaiian-monk-selkie: awkwardpariah: hawaiian-monk-selkie: hawaiian-monk-selkie: Most Americans: “MONARCHY IS BAAAAADDD!!” Me, a Hawaiian: “While Hawai’i had a queen we were at the forefront of innovation, technological advancement, and international alliances. All the way up until the “democratic” government of the US… Read more

jumpingjacktrash: dxmedstudent: Ghibli characters always make me feel better about the complete chaotic mess of my workspaces. ghibli characters make me want to work hard

jumpingjacktrash: dxmedstudent: Ghibli characters always make…

jumpingjacktrash: dxmedstudent: Ghibli characters always make me feel better about the complete chaotic mess of my workspaces. ghibli characters make me want to work hard from Tumblr https://writeinspiration.tumblr.com/post/185842105460

wait i thought cleopatra seduced antony at cilicia not humiliated him?????? did hollywood lie

marcusanthotius: hahaha fuck i love this story so  first you have to know that antony and cleopatra had known each other at this point for like…. shit almost 15 years? and had had a correspondence on and off throughout that… Read morewait i thought cleopatra seduced antony at cilicia not humiliated him?????? did hollywood lie