sup-i-like-to-write: “Complicated doesn’t mean unworthy” —

theloveprojectlove: [ID: Handwritten post with the quote “You will be okay”, surrounded by vines and a single heart. Attributed to EK.] positiveautistic: You will be okay🌿❤️ Ig: @ eliaskarts

tswftadvice: If you’ve made it through your worst days. You can make it through today.

katie-life-coach: “It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.” — unkown

here-to-shine: You are enough

onlinecounsellingcollege: “There will come a day when you’ll be so grateful that you never gave up.” — Unknown

gentle reminder

gentle-reminder: it’s okay to not like certain things about yourself, it’s normal – but no matter what, there will always be that one thing you do like; focus your energy on what will push you forward, and that feeling will… Read moregentle reminder

thelovemessenger: a message for anyone that needs it: because someone has/had it worse doesn’t mean your struggling isn’t important. you’re valid too and you deserve help too.

flowerais: soft reasons to feel okay sleeping on warm sand french pastries smelling flowers genuinely kind people feeling at home  loving others and being loved late night drives memorising lyrics deep conversations serendipitous friendships dancing to songs the feeling of… Read more

newhologram: Don’t stop loving what you loved as a kid just because unhappy adults told you that’s what growing up is. That love grows with you. Nourish it and let it keep inspiring you.

smiles-advice: you will heal and be okay and everything will work out eventually

sunlitsuggestions: sunrise always follows the darkest of nights, you should stay, it’s worth seeing

anniespositivity: When are you going to realise that you are such a precious, valuable, worthy and beautiful human being? You are one of a kind, my love. Your story matters. Everything about you is so essential – without you the… Read more

luneloving: in case you needed a reminder, because we all do sometimes: you are doing your best. you do not need to be perfect. you do not need to meet some unobtainable standard. you just need to be you. you… Read more

adriennelh: you’ve survived everything you thought you wouldn’t. be proud

scairyfaerie: no drug could ever hit as hard as that feeling when u look up and see the moon and stars on a really clear summer night

lovenotereminders: It doesn’t matter if your reason to keep going is seemingly small or silly or insignificant – if it’s the thing that gives you a reason to stick around, then it’s the most important thing in the world. Even… Read more

wholeheartedsuggestions: some nights you’ll cry your eyes out. some nights you’ll laugh your head off. some days you won’t want to get out of bed. some days you’ll be out the door before the sun’s up. there will be lows… Read more

wholeheartedsuggestions: i don’t know just yet where to go from here but i know it’s going to be good

purplebuddhaquotes: “Don’t give up when you can’t see results right away. Some things take time. Just be patient with yourself.” —