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writing-challenges-and-prompts: reverse the curse

leupagus: jaaaaaaaaaackfrost: frostlands: jaaaaaaaaaackfrost: but what if a vampire drank the blood of someone who was anemic like would they be seriously grossed out “what the fuck is this” “i have anemia” “can you take something for that you should probably take… Read more

momomomma2: momomomma2: trying to convince people who don’t live around corn that you Do Not Fuck With Corn is such a weird and exhausting conversation like how am i supposed to convince your california ass that something evil is within… Read more

hippiee: if someone makes you happy, make them happier

trevenant: If the person in possession of my voodoo doll would PLEASE hug it

dialogue-prompts: “Well aren’t you brave. I would have thought you would’ve learned your lesson.” “Well, I’ve been told I’m a slow learner.”

etherealvistas: Path of red light (Denmark) by Leif Løndal ~Be inspired, darlings!~ Feedback survey for WriteInspiration IT GETS BETTER

Writing Prompt

A minor loss. Feedback survey for WriteInspiration IT GETS BETTER Feeling generous and want to thank me for my work on this blog? Then please click here and donate to me via PayPal! You can also become a patron of… Read moreWriting Prompt

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Labor of love.

Writing Prompt

nightcrawlers-assistant-not-dcs: writeinspiration: Whose planner did your main character find under their bed? They found Deaths planner. And on Wednesday, it said your name right after he got pizza. “Oh crap, where did I mess up” Haha, nice idea! Thanks for… Read moreWriting Prompt