thevelvetpelican: Try stuff. Put plants in your room even if you aren’t the best at caring for them. Attempt that dessert recipe even if it turns out ugly. Listen to that music you’ve been meaning to try for a while…. Read more

sirenfemme: I’m ok. I’m gonna be ok. I’m gonna live a beautiful life and I’ll get to know beautiful people. I will create things of beauty and be surrounded by flowers. And I’ll love myself, and I’ll be soft, I’ll… Read more

loverworm: oh to be a frog wearing late turn of the century clothing on a steamboat

conceptualsolitude: concept: it is a quiet summer morning. warm sunlight and cool, crisp air stream through my open window. my room is heavy with the smell of flowers, vines, grass, and growth. the only sounds are of bees outside, a… Read more

teatoppy: blad-the-inhaler: i-want-cheese: awkwardblacknerd: I still think Moana deserved an Oscar for this part To me, the moral of Moana is that only women can help other women heal from male violence.  The movie starts with the idea that the… Read more

sleepymilhk: Concept: old books shops and french cafés, rainy days. Journaling on autumn nights under fairy lights. The world is at peace while we sleep.

floralls: Paros, Greece by Polina Paraskevopoulou