Writing Prompt: Dialogue

writing-challenges-and-prompts: “I feel like… this is not something I would… eat.”

vivir-un-instante: Everyday we walk the streets that once upon a time was walked by several outstanding people of humanity. Authors, poets, scientists, inventors, kings, world leaders of the past. Those are the very same streets where soldiers marched to battle,… Read more

victoriansword: Omani Kattara Oman Sword (Kattara) with original scabbard in black leather and with silver fitments. Total length: 43 inches.

thependragonwritersguild: Prompt #11383 “My new arm came with texture and temperature mapping.”

Writing Prompt #1030

promptsforthestrugglingauthor: “It’ll be a gala,” she declared. “Saturday evening, at twilight, but wear boots. We’ll be visiting the woods.” “Why the woods, my lady?” Her maid asked with the slightest tremble in her voice. She was only met with a… Read moreWriting Prompt #1030

thependragonwritersguild: Prompt #10607 “All the magic left in this world could fit in one of my flasks.”

thependragonwritersguild: Prompt #10606 “Her shadow distorted across the bay window.”

thependragonwritersguild: Prompt #10603 “That spell turns a common beehive into the incubation chamber of unspeakable horrors.”

Q&A: Raising a Militia

howtofightwrite: What do you think of the plot that goes the bad guys announce they’ll come back to fight soon but the majority of the good guys have no clue how to fight and it’s up to a couple of… Read moreQ&A: Raising a Militia

Bravery is always respected, even in an enemy. Alexandre Dumas, The Three Musketeers  (via talesofpassingtime)

thependragonwritersguild: Prompt #10580 “We are terrifying to every adult, yet understood by every child.”

Writing Prompt

writing-challenges-and-prompts: grieve no more

Writing Prompt

writing-challenges-and-prompts: My job was simple in principle, though not in operation. It was to win [—-]’s complete love and trust, then lure him to a place where the [—-] could assassinate him. Of course I’d been told to do the… Read moreWriting Prompt

writing-prompt-s: You have a wild imagination, but what you don’t have is faith in your writing abilities. So you submit prompts, and maybe it’s good that you don’t write, because every time you submit anything, people say that it is… Read more

writing-prompt-s: It’s wasn’t anything out of the ordinary to see the moon in the middle of the day. What really caught our attention was when we saw the sun in the middle of the night.

Concept: Reverse werewolves.

annalisemarlene56:  It started back in the old days, when everyone knew about them.  Wolves that lived in the woodlands of Europe for most of the month, who take on the form of men and women when the full moon rises. They… Read moreConcept: Reverse werewolves.

It was neither possible nor necessary to educate people who never questioned anything. Joseph Heller (via quotemadness)

thependragonwritersguild: Prompt #8713 “Magic is just nameless technology.”

thependragonwritersguild: Prompt #8700 “The seasons were all weapons, before humans watered them down.”