21-Day WIP Challenge

yourlocalwriterblog: yourlocalwriterblog: Day One List ten words you’d consider using in the title. Even if you’ve already decided on a title, try new options. Then, maybe make some title options! Day Two  Write three possible first sentences for this story…. Read more21-Day WIP Challenge

yourlocalwriterblog: Dialogue with Emotional Connotations Use these as prompts, reference, or whatever else you’d like. I had fun making this list.  Part 2 now published Dialogue That’s Like a Love Letter “It was always you.” “Can you just hold my… Read more

yourlocalwriterblog: Dialogue with Emotional Connotations: Part Deux Use these as prompts, reference, or whatever else you’d like. Part 1 here Dialogue That is Like an Open Wound “How come she loves you?” “There are an endless number of things I… Read more

how to make a story file

yourlocalwriterblog: As I am preparing for Camp NaNo*, I have been working on my story file. It occurred to me this might not be common or popular practice. “Story File” is a name I gave it and maybe some of y’all… Read morehow to make a story file

5 Ways to Find Your Novel Title

yourlocalwriterblog: Note: Keep a running list of title ideas you could use for future projects. This is endlessly helpful for me. 1. Find it in the text itself Maybe there is a really good phrase hidden in your work that… Read more5 Ways to Find Your Novel Title

Antagonists That Aren’t People

yourlocalwriterblog: Some genres shy away from antagonists that take the form of a person or physical being. Adult contemporary especially tends to focus on internal antagonism. Side antagonists can be found in all types of stories, though, and they don’t… Read moreAntagonists That Aren’t People