Maybe you’re not sure that I’m right for the job of editing your work or writing for you. So don’t take my word for it! I’ve compiled some glowing reviews I’ve gotten from past and present clients, as well as some positivity I’ve received on my widely popular (18,500+ followers and always growing!) Tumblr blog, WriteInspiration.Tumblr.com.
Prefer to see my work itself, rather than read reviews? If these testimonials aren’t doing it for you, then please take a moment to check out my portfolio: https://stephanietillman.com/portfolio-2/

Marianna Tabares
Writer and Editor at MTabares Writing

Stephanie performed excellent copy writing duties for my business. She was true to the business’ voice when writing informational copy on awnings and roofs. She is a true professional in the business of copy writing. She meets deadlines and demonstrates a great ability in writing for a variety of services.

This woman WORKS. You will not be disappointed.


Customer Reviews


Excellent work, ​Nothing less than five stars​. Work was done​​ as asked. Thank you!


  • Very interesting experience.
  • Everything is great!


  • Very happy with this gig. Will definitely buy it again.
  • Great work and appreciate the feedback on my article.


  • Very happy with results.
  • Easy and effective communication. Very happy with results.


  • Great job! She did even more than last time. Getting better and better. Great, I will use this Seller again.
  • I am very satisfied with this gig. I will use this Seller again, because she did great job, and paid attention on all details in this book. She took her time and not did the gig in a hurry. I appreciate her commitment very much. I will use this Seller again.


  • I needed help with editing of my new book and the seller delivered as described. Will purchase again her gig in the future for sure.
  • I needed help with editing the blurbs for my books and the job was done professionally. I am really satisfied.


She really knows her stuff! She didn’t miss a thing while proofreading and her editing greatly improved my post. I’ll definitely be working with her again!


What an a phenomenal experience working with Stephanie! From first contact everything was great! Will most definitely use seller again!


She gave some additional advice along with editing! 2 thumbs up!


Very satisfied with the delivered quality. will book again soon.


  • Excellent work! She is very helpful! Will continue to use this seller!
  • Great work and done way before deadline! Very nice to work with! Highly recommend!


  • Gives wonderful feedback and is very supportive!
  • Fantastic service and easy to work with


  • great. thanks
  • Seller understands writing skills very well, fantastic first part, will apply to have second part done.


  • She’s great. Love working with her.
  • She’s great value for money and prevented me from making a lot of awful mistakes.
  • Looks good. I’ll send the next order right away


Prompt delivery, and easy to work with.


Thanks. This is really good work and I hope we can work again together


Thanks very much looks great!!


  • Great work – I would expect nothing less from this seller.
  • Stephanie does an outstanding job. I have had her complete both a sample and the first two chapters of my book. She’s detail orientated, gives great suggestions, and really knows her stuff. It has gone so well that I am having her review my entire book.


  • excellent work!!
  • good job once again!


  • Very attentive to detail and prompt service. Will use again!
  • Once again Stephanie produced an well edited document in a timely fashion. I highly recommend her services.
  • Seller is worth the price. She is definitely a grammar expert. I will use again. Thanks!


  • Another excellent job!
  • The seller delivered an outstanding job. Value for money. Will definitely work with seller again in future projects.


Thanks so much for your close attention to detail.


  • Excellent job! She did great work with all 3 documents I sent her. I can’t wait to hire her again.
  • I am glad I chose her to do my work! Great job!
  • Great work!
  • Great!! She added more personality to it and I love it!!
  • Yes, the seller was amazing!
  • Yes! Great work! The seller always gives me useful tips that will make my stories better.
  • The honest feedback put me on the right track and saved me valuable time. THANK YOU!!
  • Wow! The edits were good and the feedback is something I look forward to implementing to make my project even better. I’m very impressed! Thank you!! Great work!
  • Amazing experience!
  • Yes! Thank you for your wonderful feedback!!
  • Great feedback! That’s why I keep returning for more edits.
  • Great! She provides candid feedback that helps you grow to the next level.
  • Amazing experience!
  • Yes! Amazing experience! I am very pleased.
  • Yes. This seller is always open to communicating needs for a project. Love working with her!
  • Great work!! Always a pleasure to work with this seller.
  • Great work! High quality and very professional!
  • Thanks so much for your feedback!!
  • Quality service provided in a rapid time frame. Thank you!!!
  • Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This seller is a lifesaver. I appreciate the quick delivery and great feedback.
  • Outstanding work! I needed a review performed in less than 24 hours and this seller was able to deliver – with great feedback! Thanks for your quality work and attention to detail. I am confident in my work product!
  • Great feedback and suggestions for improvement! Thanks!!
  • Great English writing tips!
  • Thanks for your hard work and attention to detail when reviewing these articles. Also appreciate your candid feedback!
  • Great work! Thanks for your help!
  • Always quality work! The editing check is superb and the suggestions for improvement help me to connect with my readers. Having you as a second pair of eyes makes me feel confident in the content that I provide to my readers. Thanks!!!
  • Wow!! I am so impressed by the quality of work that is consistently provided. Not only is the grammatical editing top notch, but I also receive candid and raw feedback that forces me to expand my writing potential. Thanks!!!
  • What an incredible editor! She not only checks for grammatical errors, but she brings out the best in you!
  • Thank you for providing me with honest and specific feedback! Because of your push to go beyond an ordinary article, I was able to share more of myself within the article. You are amazing and helped me to give my essay a total makeover!
  • Wow! Very impressive! Thanks for your feedback and persistence. Your edits are great and I appreciate you helping me to fill in the missing pieces. It was a pleasure working with you!

Provided all that I needed and wanted!


Thank you so much! Expect a tip from me soon.


  • Outstanding Experience!
  • Another well-done gig.
    My goal was to have my blog post edited to be cleaned up like I could never do. The seller works for my budget and now I can move forward with my site knowing that I’m giving my readers a nice, smooth read.

Very good work, I am super happy with the delivery!


Amazing Seller .. went above and beyond request, and finished within the hour!. Would definitely recommend and use again. Don’t waste time looking around, this is the best deal you’ll get.


Thanks so much. Awesome editing grammatically and also fantastic content review. I will definitely use again.


Good Experience!


  • Outstanding Experience!
  • Outstanding Experience!
  • amazing as always!
  • excellent work as always!
  • excellent as always!!
  • Outstanding Experience!
  • excellent as usual! you rock!
  • Stephanie is simple amazing! very fast and delivers an EXCELLENT JOB, always before deadline!! She is my choice here on Fiverr. I highly highly recommend!
  • Outstanding Experience!
Excellent work. 100% will order again.

Superb ad an excellent job well done!


Smooth communication, Done on time, Highly recommended. Thank you!

Tumblr Positivity

  • I love your blog!
  • Your blog has helped me so much!
  • I’m doing an assignment for my music appreciation course in college and my professor linked me to this site to find out what this quote means, “learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist.” I need your name so I can site the meaning of Picasso’s quote
  • Just had to stop by and finally fight my fear of sending asks! Just wanted to give you all the encouragement you need, and to say that you’re awesome! You really saved my writing when it was bad and that means a lot to me. I’m sure that even in a time like this, you’ll keep being awesome!
  • hey! new to your blog and i love it!
  • Hey. I hope you’re having/had a good day
  • Hi! I just wanted to say that you seem talented and happy!! Hope you’re having a god day
  • Love the blog! Keep it up xx
  • Hi. I really like this blog. It has helped me a lot. I am struggling a bit as a writer.
  • Hi, hope you’re doing well!
  • Have a lovely day!
  • your prompts are amazing. you’ve helped me so much. thank you! 🙂 you are really creative
  • Hello!!:) Your blog is insanely cool.
  • I want to tell you all you’ve accomplished is impressive! I want to become an editor myself, although I don’t know if in my country or at least my university has creative writing. Just the fact that you achieved your goal to work on your life long passion is really inspiring to me, even if others can’t see it. Thanks for your blog and for existing!
  • I’ve only been on your blog for a few minutes, but there is already so much useful information on it, that I just had to tell you how much I appreciate it! I really only write as a hobby, but I’ve found that I also enjoy learning a lot about the ins and outs of writing complex stories and characters, and your blog is perfect for that! so thank you!!
  • Thinking of you and the thoughtful content to bring to my tumblr feed. Take care!
  • Thank you and I really love your work x
  • Just wanted to say that I really love your blog, and how you help people with writing (such as myself), the way you do thorough research is extremely helpful, and you are an all-around wonderful person
  • Thank You Thank You 🙂 You’re so Helpful
  • you’re an amazing and wonderful kind person! Thank you for just being you <3
  • Love your blog btw <3
  • Much love.
  • It would mean the world to me if you checked out my poems 🙂 I hope you’re having a great day/night ox
  • Just wanted to say that your blog makes me very happy, and that it’s one of my favorite writing blogs. Have a nice day!
  • Hey there, baby-doll! I’d just like to say, your blog is superb motivation to write. I also admire how well you’re coping with your personal problems, darling. I suggest you take your own advice and stay positive, keep going and treat yourself! Yours, Pancake.
  • Hi, this isn’t really a question. I just wanted to say thanks so much for your uber encouraging blog and sharing your ‘A little update’ post. I’m currently going through spells of depression and social anxiety too. I’ve allowed it to take over the things I used to enjoy like writing. Just hoping I get better soon so I can get back into writing again. Anyway, thank you for being really inspiring. I hope things improve for you too! 🙂
  • Love you xx
  • Lemme just say, I was really inspired by your post. I’m struggling to find my way in life and this helped me calm down and focus as well. I admire you and I hope you have a wonderful day! Stay cute and maybe we can discuss “Writing” someday?
  • I just found your blog and I love it.
  • Just Wanted to say I Love your Blog it’s really Great With Excellent Advice. I’m A new writer myself and have found excellent tips,
  • HI, your blog is really great.
  • just stopping in to say hi 🙂 I’m new to tumblr and hoping to connect with others in the writing community! This is a great blog!
  • Thanks for the love girl! Keep the inspiration flowing.
  • Hi! How are you? I just wanted to tell you, I love your ideas! I love writing and your thoughts inspire me!