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Published Works I Edited:

ADHD: Life is Beautiful: A True Story
by Nico J. Genes

Creative Work Samples


Fragments of Truth
Library Gothic
Between Two Worlds (Master’s poetry thesis)

Tillman, Stephanie. “Unscrewed.” Blood & Guts. Ed. Brianna Stoddard. N.p.: CreateSpace, 2013. 235-49.

Downloads (readable via Upwork):

Placid: a writing exercise
Ocean Monologue
Processes: a short play
Turtles: flash fiction piece of fanfiction about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Shell girl: flash fiction
Musician: a short story

Video Games

Gamers Decide articles (10)
Why Non-Gamers Should Care About Loot Boxes

About Writing

“How Do I Encourage Myself to Write More?”
“Learn the Rules Like a Pro So You Can Break Them Like an Artist.”
Your big ideas are worth pursuing
Advice for young/new/beginner writers
Screenshots and discussion of camels
Solving conflicts in your fiction
Creative liberties
If you see a need, fill it.
Are you a writer?
Character motivations
Writing when fighting depression

Miscellaneous Nonfiction

Miss Furr and Miss Skeene: an essay analysis
The Bistro Styx: an essay analysis
He Had It Coming: an essay about women, murder, and the media

—. “OCD and ‘Multiple Choice.’” WKU English Department’s 12th Annual Undergraduate Conference on Literature, Language, and Culture. Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green. Nov. 2012. Reading.